YOU are beautiful. YOU are loved. YOU are worthy. YOU are not alone. Since 2009 Inclusive life has offered religious and non-religious care and services to individuals, couples and families, "We Serve All Without Exception!" We understand that today, not everyone is connected to a church or organized religion, and some are without a religious belief.

Inclusive Life knows that religion is a word that can be as powerful, as it is divisive. Today, we know how people connect to their spirituality, religion, and "church" is changing. The Pew Research shares that the number of Americans who do not identify with any religion continues to grow at a rapid pace. One-fifth of the U.S. public, and a third of adults under 30, are religiously unaffiliated today.

Inclusive Life is pleased to announce our 2014 Signature Ceremony pricing for premier wedding officiants and ministers. Since 2009 Inclusive Life has specialized in offering couples one on one services in organizing, planning and officiating their wedding ceremony based on their own beliefs, vision and goals. We are a Nebraska, nonprofit, independent, multifaith based organization offering primary services in the greater Metro-Omaha area, wherever we travel.

April 19 2p-7

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Pastoral Services and Holistic Care
“Serving all without exception”

3622 Leavenworth Street Omaha, NE 68105
OFFICE: (402) 575-7006 TEXT: (402) 909-1668

WEDDINGS: Omaha, Council Bluffs, Lincoln, Nebraska, Iowa
2014 Signature Ceremony packages with premier wedding officiants and ministers
5 Minute Sign and Go Civil Marriage
10 Minute Elopement Package
20 Minute Focus Ceremony Package
30-40 Minute Select Ceremony Package
Wedding Rehearsal Coordination
Omaha Wedding chapel
Vow Renewals
Premarital Coaching Available

Hospital Visits
Spiritual Wellness
Naming Ceremonies-Welcoming Ceremonies
House Blessings

Grief Coaching
Life Celebrations

Essential Oils
Meditation Classes
Zyto Compass Bio Feedback Scan
Raindrop Technique
Vita Flex Technique
Releasing Emotional Patterns

Inclusive Life serves all without exception. In addition to local, state and federal laws; Inclusive Life serves all, regardless of: Age, AIDS/HIV Status, Citizenship Status, Color, Disability, Gender Identity, Genetic information, Health Status, Marital Status, National Origin, Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Sex, secular, and non-religious beliefs. We are proud to serve the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, and Queer communities.

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